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All packages can be modified to your needs!

Managed via cPanel

Managed via cPanel

Let's keep it straight forward so you know what to expect

All packages are administered by you via cPanel. This will be what is referred to as your Web server administration panel to some. From here you will be able to manage and access DNS options, configure Email addresses, webfiles & websites. There, you will also be able to access a list of over 200 applications to install from including eCommerce stores, Helpdesk platforms, cloud file managers, Social management apps, Wikis…+many more!

You can start building websites easily via drag & drop builders which are straight forward and easy to use. Get your site creating frenzy on with WordPress (many popular page builders available here!) or SitePad


Thought of that domain name yet? See if it's available now!
Thought of that domain name? See if it's available now!
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Web & Email Hosting

Choice of Hosting packages suitable to manage your Website(s) and Emails...and let's not forget, Email & Site backups included on ALL plans!

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Email Hosting

Host as many professional/personal @ email addresses you want!

Not ready for a Website just yet? Maybe your making use of Facebook and Instagram for that matter and are now ready for professional Domain email addresses, we currently have one easy choice here which allows you to host as many @ email addresses with unlimited storage capacity!

Rest easy knowing that with any package you select, you will have the TechVita + Mario support guarantee! Whether you’re in need of guidance from any skill level POV, reach out and ask either before or after you have chosen a subscription. Helping others has always been my forte!

Lead with the host panel of choice

Suitable for both first-time and experienced users, cPanel’s Graphical User Interface is versatile, adaptable with a no-fuss-can-do approach. It introduces a wide array of hosting features with a top level of control to keep things running smoothly.

TechVita Hosting - cPanel

200+ popular web applications

Setting up an e-commerce store online? a blog perhaps? Whichever kind of website you need, make it and take it to a platform designed to cater for any web development needs – no matter what skill level you claim to be! With access to software and applications readily available, no technical or coding knowledge, is required when using the click to install approach!

Backing up your website & files is effortless to! You can configure Softaculous to make regular backups off or onsite – an amazing, all in one tool everyone will love using and is available on ALL hosting packages!

Intelligent, smart & available

Provided on ALL plans, JetBackup makes way for an easy to navigate and use, self-service restore. Carry on worry free with incremental-daily account backups (taken around 1:00-2:00am) of your emails, website files & databases for extra peace of mind

TechVita Hosting - JetBackup